Web Site Design Development Protocol

Step 1 – Agreeing the design brief
We usually arrange an initial meeting with the client so that the detailed design requirements and client preferences can be fully understood. At this meeting we make suggestions and offer design alternatives and related timing and pricing issues. On the basis of this meeting we will provide a detailed description of the service that will be offered in terms of either partial or complete web service, maintenance and hosting.

However, meetings are time consuming and costly for both parties so we also encourage clients to take a look at our site templates on our Facebook page. This often allows us to assess what a client thinks about colours and layout which is a great first step in designing a good site for our clients.

Step 2 – Look & Feel of the Site
We provide an early draft of the site design in order to give the client an opportunity to affirm or otherwise the original design ideas and objectives. This step is particularly important since it defines the general site look and feel which must be acceptable to our client.

Step 3 – Building the Web Site
Once we get to the main part of building the web site the client must provide all agreed text and/or graphics content. We will of course advise on content and offer help with graphics or media production if required.

Step 4 – Site Testing
Once the web site is completed it will be tested for functionality with a number of different browsers to ensure that it looks good to the majority of users. This testing will include evaluation of the functionality of forms, email, web links and any database driven elements. Once tested and uploaded the client will be issued the final invoice for the work.

Step 5 – Maintenance
We can maintain your web site if required. This may just mean hosting arrangements but may also involve training in the use of database driven elements, e-commerce etc. In addition we will ensure that you are advised of any relevant updates in technology that your web site should take advantage of.

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